How To Become Best Fortnite Player in 2 Weeks


FORTNITE has become the hottest game of the year and isn’t looking to back down for coming 2-3 years. The reason behind its success is that it’s totally free and is available on all the platforms like PS4, XBOX, PC, IOS and now Android.

But every shinning thing is not gold? Or is it? Fortnite is one of the most competitive game ever made and unless you are a genius or have a very good internet connection, you can’t be good at it in just days. It can take you up to 3 to 4 months to have a good grasp on it but by following these 10 Tips, you can become the best at it in matter of 2 weeks.

So let’s Begin…

 1- Get a good internet connection:

You can have an IQ of Einstein and can think 3-4 steps ahead of your opponent but what will be the use of it when your PING is above 200? Make sure to use LAN connection for this game to keep your ping below30-40.

Speed test of Good internet

Check your speed here

2-Training in Playground Mode:

Playground mode is here to stay now.  Why not use it? Play with your friends and train as hard as you can. Learn to use all kind of guns and also to BUILD with minimum number of materials so that you don’t waste it in competitive game

Fortnite Playground


Always make sure you land before anyone else or on the place where no one is landing. Gather stuff up and jump into the war zone or make sure you know the art of killing someone with an AXE. 😉


Would you prefer to be homeless or the owner of a 3 story building? Of course the latter. So why won’t you build? Gather material and always build, especially in the open when engaging in the fight.

Fortnite Building Home

5-Higher Ground:

Talking about higher ground, do you like to be on top of woman or the other way around? Your life choices will impact your gameplay. Always make sure you engage with someone while managing the higher ground be it the building top or using your own material.

Fortnite Higher from Ground

6-Inventory Management:

Manage your inventory in the way Ninja does it.

Spot no 1: Close Range Weapon e.g. Shotguns, SMGs

Spot no 2: Medium Range Weapon e.g. Assault Rifle

Spot No 3: Long Range Weapon e.g. Sniper or Hunting Rifle

Spot No 4: Explosives

Spot No 5: Shields


It goes in the way:

Gold (Legendary)>Purple (Epic)>Blue (Rare)>Green (Uncommon)>Grey (Common)

Make sure you keep the best guns in your inventory always. There should be NO exception in it.

8-Emulating the PROS:

This article is about becoming NINJA and TFUE of Fortnite right? Why not check there streams out. They stream daily on Twitch.

9-250 ping:

If your Ping is greater than 150 or 200, it is better not to keep a pump because you think you’ll be hitting the guy, but it doesn’t scratch it; most of the times. What you can do is try keeping a tactical shotgun or an SMG instead of a pump.


You should practice for at least 4 hours every day with all the above steps mentioned and see the results in 2 weeks only. Welcomes in Advance!

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